100 % viral reels hashtags

If you are struggling to make your reels viral then here are 100 % viral reels hashtags that will will grow engagement on your reels faster than ever. These 100 % viral reels hashtags are extracted from the most popular Instagram accounts and has proven its potential in making reels viral regardless of the type of content and niche you are following. You just have to include these hashtags in your Reels description and see your reel going viral. 

Why these Hashtags are 100% viral reels hashtags?

When we say 100 % viral reels hashtags, it means that these instagram hashtags have high chances of making your Instagram reels viral. These Hashtags are suitable for any Instagram account that is between 100- 100K followers. This mean you don't have to worry about the number of followers you have because once you enter these 100 % viral  reel hashtags in your reels, your likes and comments will skyrocket. Other reason why these hashtags are 100 % viral reels hashtags are as follows:

  • Increases audience reach to large extent
  • Bring more interested people who are more likely to like your reels
  • Increases number of views by bringing your reels in search.
  • Make your reels viral by suggesting your reels in swipe.
  • Increases your profile visitors per day this may lead to more followers.

How to use these 100 % viral reels hashtags 

100% viral reels hashtags given here are divided in multiple sets for making it easy to copy and paste in your reels description. You can use these hashtags by copying at most two sets of hashtags and add them to your reels description. It is recommended that you use different sets of these 100  % viral reels hashtags so that you can find the best set which give you a better instagram growth. 

Also you should be careful about the maximum number of hashtags that you include in your reels. If you go past 30 Instagram hashtags in one reel, Instagram will automatically remove all of them from description. So it is better not to include more than 20 hashtags to uour your post. 

100 % viral reels hashtags for views

Whenever we upload a reel the first thing that we need is views. Views are the indicators that your reels is going viral and many people are watching it. But getting views on Instagram is not that easy specially when their are thousands of reels uploaded daily. That's why you need these 100 % viral reels hashtags for views. 

Instagram uses its algorithm to find out which video is getting more views in less time. This combination is a clear indicator that the participants reel is getting more engagement. Once Instagram found such videos, it automatically suggest your reels to others based on their preferences. 

These 100 % viral reel hashtags does the first half work. It increases your reel's reach to larger audience so that more people view your reels. This gives you intial boost in number of views. Rest of the work is done by Instagram. 

To get started copy the following set of 100 % viral reels hashtags and add them to your reels description before posting..

100 % viral reels hashtags for views set 1

trending #trendingreels #trendingnow #trendin #trendingsongs #trendings #trendingtopic #trendingnews #trendingvideos #trendingvideo #trendingnakhra #trendingcouples👫 #trendingfashion #trendingsong #trendingaudio #trendingdances #trendingyoutube_ #trendingmemes

100 % viral reels hashtags for views set 2

trendingformat #trendingvideo🎥 #trendingindia #trendingmakeup #trendingchallenge #ᴛʀᴇɴᴅɪɴɢɴᴏᴡ #trendingproducts #trending🔥 #trendingtopics #trendingphoto #trendingreelsvideo❤️😍👩‍❤️‍👨 #trendingclothes #trendingteenskenya

100 % viral reels hashtags for likes

Next interaction that Instagram user have with reel is double tapping on your reels. This means people who are watching your reels also like the content you are producing. If your reels is not getting enough likes even after having great content then probably you are not including right hashtags to your post. No need to worry here we provide some additional set of 100 % viral reels hashtags that will grow your likes  instantly. 

Its not easy now to make them double tap on your reels in fast endless swiping. You can either prompt viewers to like your reels in the end or you can show your reels to the right audience who are more likely to like your reels. This will be done by including the following hashtags to your reels description.  

100 % viral reels hashtags for likes set 1

trendingreelsvideo❤️😍👩‍❤️‍👨instagramnow🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💗💗💓💗 #trendingreels_ #trendingreelsongs #trendingreelsvedio #trendingreelskannada #trendingreelsinstagram❤️❤️ #trendingreelsindian #trendingreels❤️😍 #trendingreels❤️❤️ #trendingreelsvideo❤️😍❤️‍🔥🔥🔥🎥 #trendingreelsvideo❤️

100 % viral reels hashtags for likes set 2

trendingposts #trendingposts😍♥️♥️ #třendingposts #ᴛʀᴇɴᴅɪɴɢᴘᴏsᴛs #trendingposts🔥 #trendingposts4u #trendingposts😍♥️♥️trendingreels

100 % viral reels hashtags for shares

Shares on reels is the fastest way to multiply your growth and engagement on your reels video. Viewer share your reels only when it is related, helpful, emotional, or informational. When someone share your reels on story, or  messages they give you free promotion and chances of getting mor followers increases. But shares are not easy to grab as it takes a lot of effort to insist them to share your reels. That's why you need to include these 100 % viral reels hashtags for shares to your reels description.

These 100 % viral reels hastags will increase your reel's reach tremendously. The more reach you get the higher the chance of getting enough shares by new viewers. Start by creating an engaging post and add upto 20 hashtags from our blog to your reel's description. 

100 % viral reels hashtags for shares set 1

#trendingvideosviral #malayalamtrendingvideos #trendingvideosc #trendingvideosupdatesw #keralatrendingvideos #tamiltrendingvideos #trendingpunjabivideos #trendingpinoyvideos #trendingweddingvideos #trendingteluguvideos

100 % viral reels hashtags for shares set 2

#trendingvideos_vka #trendingvideosctv #trendingvideosrequest #trendingvideostamil #trendingvideos07 #trendingvideosofficial #trendingvideosofbrendamage #trendingvideos❤ #trendingvideoscu

100 % viral reels hashtags for saves

Instagram has a amazing feature that let viewers of your reels to save their favorite reels in custom created collections. User can watch these reels later by checking save section of their profiles. If you are creating something useful for others and you want th to save it for later then make sure you prompt the viewer in the end of your reel to save the reels. Sometimes even after doing all this you don't get enough saves on your reels. This may be happening because of small reach of your reels. That's why you should include the following 100 % viral reels hastags for saves to your reels.

These 100 % viral reels hashtags for saves helps in boosting your reach to a broad audience. Once you start getting enough reach on your video, number of saves automatically increases. To start getting more saves create reels consistently and add these 100 % viral reels hashtags to your reel's description.

100 % viral reels hashtags for saves set 1

#viralvideosjedi #viralvideostar #viralvideoindonesia #viralvideo90 #viralviděos #viralvideohumor #viralvideosz #viralvideobandung #viralvideoschannel #viralvideopromotions #viralvideoindia

100 % viral reels hashtags for saves set 2

 #viralpost #viralposts #virałpost #viralpose #viralpoetry #viralpostu #viralpost2 #viralports #viralpolitik #viralpostsonnet #viralposes #viralpontianak #viralpostsonnet🚭ko #viralpolisi #viralposes😋 #viralpodcast

100 % viral reels hashtags for more tags

There's a new trend of sharing reels among Instagram users. They tag the person in comments to whom they wanna show the reels. The other person get the notification from Instagram that someone tags them to your reels and they come to watch your reels by tapping on notification. If you want to take benefits of this sharing by tagging feature you need to make your reel's content relatable. Relatable content are easily tagged by people to others. Even after that if people are not tagging your reels then you need to work on your reel's reach. To increase reach instantly you can use the following 100 % viral reels hastags for more saves.

These 100 % viral reels hastags are divided in to sets and you can combine any set mentioned in this article together to find the best combination that gives your reel more reach and tags. 

100 % Viral Reels hashtags for tags set 1

 #trendingsong #trendingvideos #trendingvideo #trendingdances #trendingmemes #trendingreelsvideo #trendingpost #trendingreel #trendingmusic #trendingnakhra #trendingstyle #trendingposts #trendings #trendingpage #trendingnails #trendingformat

100 % Viral Reels hashtags for tags set 2

#mostpopular #popularsongs #popularity #popularanime #popularmeme #musicapopular #popularreels #instapopular #popularart #popularnails #populartagsapp #popularstar #popularphotos #popularmonster

100 % viral reels hashtags for more comments

As mentioned in previous section that Instagram user tend to tag others in comments. But comments are also used by user to tell their reviews to the creator. Once a user commented on any of your reels then it is more likely that they will see other reels you create first. Instagram take comments as a higest priority interaction with reels and whenever someone commented on your post it shows similar content to them more. 

Even after that if you are not getting large number of comments on your reels then your diminished reach is responsible for that. You need to use these 100 % viral reels hashtags for more comments on your reels. These 100 % viral reels hastags helps in increasing reach to more than 100k people per day and you will start getting thousands of comments daily. Include any set of following hashtags to your reel's description to begin your growth

100% Viral Reels hashtags for more comments set 1

#likeaplikasivideo #likeevideos #videolikes #instalikevideo #likemypostvideo #girllikemevideo #likesvideos #likedvideo #likeevideo #helikethatmusicvideo #likemyvideos #videoforlike

Wrapping up 

Hope we have covered all the 100 % viral reels hashtags for Instagram that will help you grow engagement on your reels quickly and make it viral on Instagram. If you think we have missed some of the 100 % viral reels hashtags then please write them down in the comments below. 

What are Instagram Tags?

Instagram Tags or Hashtags are the keywords used by Instagram to categorize the content posted on it. It helps Instagram understand the context of your posts and show them to a relevant audience. Instagram's tags are not mandatory but adding them to your post description make it easier for Instagram to understand the content of the post and the audience for it. 

Why We Need Instagram Tags?

Instagram Tags help Instagram algorithms understand the content you want to deliver. It also helps in selecting the group of people who are interested in seeing your Instagram posts or videos. Although your post will still be visible to your followers yet if you want to bring a new audience to your Instagram profiles you have to use hashtags on your posts or reels.

  • Increase audience reach of your posts
  • Increase engagement ratio 
  • Bring new visitors to your profile
  • Helps in growing Instagram followers faster

How to Add Instagram Tags in Posts?

Adding tags to instagram posts is very easy you can type it manually or copy and paste from this blog instagram-tags-generator.blogspot.com. For adding Instagram tags properly in your posts follow the steps below :

  1. Open Instagram app in your smartphone or visit instagram.com from your browser.
  2. Login to your instagram account with your username and password
  3. Click on plus(+) icon visible somewhere on sidebar, header or at the bottom.
  4. Now browse and select the photo or video you want to upload to instagram for this case it can be Deadpool3 image, banner, or video.
  5. Once you are on the add description section of post upload, Here you should add a relevant caption for your post and the hashtags that will make your posts more reachable.
  6. For adding hashtag type (#) symbol and type few letter related to your posts for example if we are creating post on Deadpool 3 type #deadpool and pause for a second. 
  7. Now instagram will suggest you list of related tags along with the total number of posts created on that hastags. You can select hashtags from the list one at a time.
  8. Easy way to do this is to copy paste refined Instagram Tags from our blog and make your instagram post viral easily.

 How to Add Tags to Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a new kind of short video post introduced by Instagram recently. Instagram Reels has the highest level of engagement, but still some creators struggle to get more views on their videos and reels. If you also create reels for your Instagram page, then follow the steps below to add hashtags to Instagram Reels.

  1. Login to Instagram account in app or browser.
  2. Select a reel video to upload. Recommended length should be 15 to 60 seconds and dimension should be 1080×1920 pixels. 
  3. Instagram allow various customization like adding text, stickers, gif's reaction and songs to your video. Once you are done with editing, proceed to the next step.
  4. At the last step, you need to add the cover to your reel and write a short description for it. Here, you need to add Instagram tags to your reels.
  5. Just like Instagram posts, you can add Instagram tags manually from the suggested list or copy and paste Instagram tags from this blog.

 Frequently Asked Questions for Instagram Tags

Do I need to add Instagram Tags to every post?

No. Instagram does not mandate the use of Instagram tags, but you can add it to increase discoverability of your posts.

Adding Instagram Tags will make my post viral?

Sometimes. Instagram tags is not the only thing that will make your post viral. You will also need engaging content, better description and at least a little engagement from your followers to make your post viral.

Do we provide the best Instagram hashtags?

Yes. We use Instagram API to extract the best hashtags on all kinds of topics. You will find the best tags on this blog which can help in increasing your post engagement and followers.

Are hashtags still a thing on Instagram?

Instagram algorithms are evolving day by day. It can now understand content in images or videos and can show it to relevant audiences. But this does not mean Instagram Tags are dead.

Does Instagram hashtag help in growing followers?

Probably. Instagram hashtags will help Instagram to show your post to relevant audience. This will bring new people to your profile and increase the chance to get new followers.

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